This is to clarify the terms and conditions that define the relationship between as a service provider and the end customers who buy our products and services. Before opening an account with us to avail our services, we request all our clients to go through these terms and conditions carefully to enable a transparent relationship prevail in between us with mutual trust. We want to make it an obvious attempt for the customers to go through these terms and conditions before signing up an agreement with us.

Support methods used here may offer diverse anti-virus products and other software applications via phone or an email. In the course of trouble shooting, out technician takes the control of the PC in a remote manner. However, the process is explained to the customer for transparency. We can only offer services as per the plans and products entailed in our list of services. We trust that our clients understand the process of seeking technical support from us. We do not hold responsibility for loss of any data during the support process. It needs to be understood that downloading and installing new software depends upon speed and space of the customer™s computer.

What is exclusive of our services?

Please note that we aren™t responsible for post service developments on your computer after we have given you the control of your PC following the installation of new software purchased with us. We request you to kindly follow the instructions mentioned on the product manual carefully to prevent any discrepancies in future.

Unlawful use is prohibited:

You automatically abide to lawful practices only by agreeing to the terms and conditions mentioned on website. Under no circumstances can the user use the website, products, software or content for any unlawful or illegal purposes and this is as per the laws and prohibitions applicable for this policy.

Our refund policy

In a rare scenario when our technicians are unable to resolve the problem which is out of their scope, the customer holds the right to apply for a refund or cancellation that automatically applies in such cases. The money back policy depends upon the extent of products or services used and you are entitled to get the returned money within 30 days of the issuance. The refund is issued after the fee deduction for successful resolutions offered previously during your validation period. If you are unsatisfied with our products and services owing to any reason, you can opt for a cancellation or a refund by contacting us through the website or our toll free number.

The usage policy

  • We expect you to use our products and services fairly.
  • We will strive to the best extent to resolve all your software related queries. We only recommend our products for registered computers. At any point of time, if our technician feels that the issue has been successfully resolved but the customer is still calling to intentionally harass the representative, the agreement may be terminated with immediate effect.
  • The customer also reserves the right to terminate the service agreement by sending a written notice to . However, a refund is not applicable in such a case.
  • We expect you to be the sole user or purchaser of our products and services from your account.
  • You under no circumstances can create hyperlinks for any part posted on the website.
  • You should not be creating hyperlinks under any circumstances for any part posted on our website.
  • We trust that you act lawfully without using any fraudulent identity which stands illegal in the eyes of law.
  • We believe that you do not interfere with out working style or try to tarnish our image, system and reputation. We also believe that you do not harass our technicians, hack our website, passwords and email IDs. No virus should be spread or should not be abusing the system in anyway. You are not expected to post or upload any objectionable material or content which may breach the intellectual property rights.

More information

  • The entire content used on is copyright protected and other laws of intellectual property. No one is permitted to modify, reproduce, copy or publish ™s exclusively owned content which may exploit the content or infringes the law. This website is designed and maintained solely by .
  • Whether expressed or implied. We consider ourselves and intend to be subject to the jurisdiction only of the courts of our location.
  • We reserve full rights in the sole decision to dismiss or cancel a service any time in case a virus or any tech issue interrupts the security or administration of the service being provided.
  • We value the privacy of our customers and their information and so we restrict ourselves from disclosing those personal vitals. You information is extremely confidential with us.
  • We reserve the right to refuse our services to any individual at any time.
  • We do not utilize our customers™ information without their permission and will enable you to convey your privacy concerns to us. These concerns are addressed at the earliest.
  • We do not disclose your personal details to advertisers or any other marketing purposes including your passwords, bank account, credit card details or any other information of confidentiality.


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